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Gravel driveway flanked with wild olive trees


Campos, Mallorca



A rural finca of 3,1 hectares located in a beautiful natural setting with wild vegetation in the municipality of Campos. The client, a family with two young children requested a natural design blending with the vernacular landscape. With three different entry gates to the estate, the client asked for a central entry with a new parking area for 4 vehicles and turn around. Screened plants to conceal a visible boundary to the neighbour as well as screening for a new solar panel installation were also requested. Perennials gardens and a small fruit orchard were important to have around the house. Away from the house, creative play areas for the children were desired. 

A big thank you for having been and remaining so engaged throughout the whole process! 

When we started, the plot was essentially part neglected rough outline of a garden, and part wilderness. There was no structure, with tradespeople free to drive around the entire house.

Your designs brought clear structure to the many different areas of the plot. It now feels like one welcoming, homely garden throughout regardless of which corner you are. We are very much looking forward to the winter and spring growing season to experience the full green glory.

Robert and Silke F, client 
A winding gravel path leading trough a forest of pine trees, pistachia shrubs and wild olive trees


More than 2000 Mediterranean plants and trees were planted. A mix of grasses, flowering perennials, shrubs and cacti formed part of the planting scheme. Perennial and herb gardens create destinations for the family including a new breakfast area as well as a scented garden beyond the outdoor kitchen. New winding paths made of local stone and gravel enable access to the many areas of the garden. An existing chicken coup was converted into a cosy Mallorcan play house for the children. Dry stack stone walls were raised and an unused fountain wall was converted into an evening lounge space with corten fire pit. Landscape lighting was incorporated to subtletly light key features.  

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