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Sometimes you only need a garden consultation. Perhaps you have got stuck or have run out of ideas. Do not worry. We can help you with advice and guidance.

We meet in your garden and talk through suggested changes. You take your own notes and with the ideas generated you can make the changes yourself. If you wish a complete garden design with drawings we will deduct the fee for the garden consultation in the design fee.

The visit usually takes about 2 hours depending on the size of the garden.

Place: Your garden

Fee: € 300 (+ VAT).


Online garden design consultation 

To prepare for the online meeting we ask you to send us 5-10 photos, site conditions and dimensions of the area you want to improve. You address the issues you need help with and we will give you professional design and plant advice.

The consultation takes 1.5 hours 

Place: The virtual meeting room (we will send you all information and guidance on how to check-in)

Fee: € 150 (+ VAT)

NOTE: Regardless where you live in Europe. 


Design consultation incl. personal plant shopping

This is a consultation for anyone who needs professional advice on how to organise their garden border. We help you to organise and choose the plants at the nursery. We meet at one of our selected garden centers in the Palma area. To prepare for the meeting we ask you to send us 5-10 photos, dimensions and site conditions of the area you want to plant up.

The consultation takes 2 hours  

Place: Palma 

Fee: € 300 (+VAT), plants not included

When we opened our new branch in Palma we asked for an attractive office and entrance for our team and our clients. We had a budget but I did not know what plants to choose and I had no experience of planting.


We contacted Johanna and she listened to our needs and could articulate our ideas for low-maintenance plants. She gave us professional advice and recommendations. She selected plants, small trees and suitable pots. Johanna also walked the extra mile to make sure everything would be ready on time.


We were delighted to work with Johanna and strongly recommend Mallorca Garden Design. 


LiseLotte Wanre Östlund, HusmanHagberg Mallorca

CALL US +34 644 828 638

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