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The outdoor area of your home is very important in the Mediterranean. A house or a flat that will be put on the market needs to be in immaculate condition. That includes the exterior as well as the interior. A beautifully maintained outdoor area will show the full potential of your garden. It does not necessarily mean you need a full garden design, but you need to make sure your garden, courtyard or terrace looks attractive and inviting at all times. Beautiful small trees, shrubs, perennials together with smart garden furniture and decorative pots can make a big difference. We are happy to discuss your needs and maximise the market value of your home!

The dream of a Mallorcan home starts with a dream of outdoor living. Take the time to get your garden in shape before putting your property on the market.

‘A big part of selling your home is being able to impress potential buyers that come to visit. Sprucing up a property is something that many people end up spending a lot of time and money on — and understandably so, as it can create a great first impression and boost asking prices. However, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the interior of your home without paying the exterior the attention it deserves.

Check out Garden Designer Alice Crespi’s styling for a border:


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A garden design by Mallorca Garden Design is detailed and comprehensive. If the scope of the work is clearly defined we can usually offer a fixed price.


If it is a larger project we charge a percentage fee of the project, approximately 10-12% of the actual cost of building the garden.