Illetas, Mallorca



A commission for a large roof terrace of approximately 180 m2.

The terrace was very dated and in bad condition when the client acquired the flat. The house originated from the early 70s when the building served as a hotel for tourists. The young family bought one of the top floor flats and decided to turn the space and the large terrace into a beautiful living area. 

The stunning 360 views over Palma and the Mediterranean Sea deserved to be enjoyed from a more attractive and inviting terrace. A lot of effort was made to make the space work in terms of materials and plants along with safety aspects. The family asked for low-maintenance plants and screening plants towards the neighbour in the west. We choose Mediterranean plants that could withstand the strong sun and the winds in this location. 

Roof gardens or coastal gardens are very exposed to the weather; drying winds and strong sun.
In a coastal garden the wind is also laden with salt which only the toughest plants can tolerate. When doing a design for these locations it is important to understand what plants will survice and work well and flourish under these challenging conditions.