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Lush planting in a courtyard in Palma


La Lonja, Palma



In Palma's charming and historic area La Lonja you find this amazing residence that is home to a large family. The courtyard and balcony looked empty and bare. A swimming pool had been sited in the corner and apart from empty garden borders filled with a thin soil layer there was nothing enchanting about the space. Our clients asked us to transform the courtyard and to make it personal, different and with lots of character. They wanted an inviting outdoor room where the family could relax and entertain. They also requested a smaller outdoor kitchen area with a BBQ.  


To make this room unique and personal we looked at different beautiful materials for planters and garden features. Instead of replacing all the tiling we focused on the plants and planters. We wanted to enhance the space with lots of green, both in containers and on the tall walls surrounding the courtyard. Hand made larger planters of solid sheets of brass were locally produced for the balcony and the courtyard. We replaced the corteen steel edges with beautiful taller brass edges. Clay pots from Mallorcan artisans, a 2 meter tall mirror with integrated LED light and a planter panel in brass were some of our key features for the garden. We also installed an exclusive outdoor kitchen with a gas and a charcoal BBQ. 

Shade planting in pots and a reflective large mirror
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