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We were asked to design a sustainable garden. The brief was to incorporate as many sustainability elements in the garden and the house as possible. The design of the project had a strong focus on sustainability and wildlife.

We choose to do the project with a real client who lived in Mallorca. They couple was keen to bring more wildlife into their garden and turn their garden into a more attractive outdoor space. They also asked for a garden which would be easy to maintain since they were away for long periods. They were looking for an alternative to lawn since they found it difficult to maintain and they wanted to minimise the use of watering. 

We were delighted to have Johanna to design our garden. She was responsive to our needs, ambitious, creative and attentive to details. The development of the design is beyond our imagination.

Lars O, client 
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The client had a mature beautiful orchard which we added more fruit trees to. We choose native and Mediterranean plants for the planting scheme. We also considered and selected plants that attracted birds, bees and other insects into the garden.


A gravel garden was designed around the house to minimise the use of irrigation. We proposed an irrigation system which could be connected to a rainwater harvest system. More trees and drifts of grass and other drought-tolerant plants were introduced in the planting scheme. We framed the house by designing raised beds with a mix of scented plants such as lavender, rosemary and salvia at the front entrance. The existing driveway could not be removed. However, the car park was extended to make the parking more convenient and to accommodate two cars.


We designed a large pergola with scented climbers at the back of the garden. A beautiful path made by local Mares stepping stones was designed around the house. The path connected the backgarden to the front of the house. We also suggested a new back entrance to the house. This enabled ease of access from the house out in the backgarden. The canopies of multi-stemmed Olea europaea and Arbutus unedo created dappling shade around the house turning the former backyard into a more welcoming space with ample of shade during the hot months.